Thumbport Piccolo Thumb Rest

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Thumbport Piccolo Thumb Rest

Thumbport Piccolo Thumb Rest


This thumb rest is designed to help players balance/hold the piccolo more comfortably. It is comprised of a C-shaped shell and a thumb-like extension. The Thumbport helps the player to place the right thumb at an efficient spot and provides additional support.

The Thumbport provides improved balance while holding the piccolo. It’s made up of a shell shaped like a C and an extension resembling a thumb. The Thumbport assists the player in positioning their right hand effectively and offers added support.

By guiding the player’s right thumb to an angled support, the Thumbport creates a force comprising two partial vectors. One supports the piccolo from underneath, while the other counters horizontal rotation. The gentle resting of the extension arm on the thumb effectively prevents the piccolo from rolling backward.


  • Enhances balance while holding the piccolo
  • Comprised of a C-shaped shell and a thumb-like extension
  • Positions the right thumb optimally and offers extra support

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