Selling Your Instrument

Selling Your Instrument Sell Your Instrument

Selling Your Instrument

If you would like to sell your instrument via our secondhand section, please contact us to inform us of the specifications of the instrument that you wish to sell. We can then arrange for you to bring the instrument in store to be assessed for condition and price. Should any repairs be needed on the instrument, our repair department will inform you of this when you bring the instrument into store. We grade used flutes by ‘fair, good, very good, excellent and ‘as new’.

We then ask you fill out some details and your instrument is then logged on our system, photographed and placed on the secondhand instrument section of our website. You will receive a copy of the signed commission sale document for your reference.

Customers are then able to try the flute in store or take away on a trial basis, covered by new moon insurance.

All Flutes Plus receive a commission 20% including VAT of the sale price and such commission and the cost of repairs thereon may be deducted from the sale price.

Should you wish to purchase a new instrument from All Flutes Plus at the same time as selling your secondhand instrument via our store, our commission drops to 12%.

Should your instrument sell, we will send a cheque out to the address listed on your form. This is done on a monthly basis according to the secondhand flutes that have sold via our store each month.

N.B We cannot give you an exact time line if and when your instrument will sell. Some instruments come into store and can be purchased the very next day. Others remain in store for a few weeks or several months.

N.B We do not part exchange instruments.

Please contact us on 020 7 388 8438 or come in to our store to find out further information.