Galway Weggis Flute Festival with Sir James and Lady Jeanne 19th-28th July 2019

Galway Weggis Flute Festival with Sir James and Lady Jeanne 19th-28th July 2019


Galway Weggis Flute Festival with Sir James and Lady Jeanne 19th-28th July 2019
Each day at the Galway Flute Festival begins and ends with ALL students together! Every day begins with warm-ups led by Sir James, focusing on tone production and technique. The day continues with masterclasses given by Sir James and Lady Galway, along with Guest Artists’ workshops on solo repertoire, technique, orchestral excerpts, chamber music, jazz improvisation, piccolo, low flutes, contemporary techniques and more. Evenings are filled with concerts by the world’s leading flutists and an Opening Gala Concert with Sir James and Lady Galway. The Festival ends with the Grand Finale Concert, featuring the Festival Flute Choir, which is your chance to perform in an ensemble directed by Sir James!

Throughout the week we have a large array of beautiful instruments on display for you to play and enjoy, thanks to the many flutemakers who support our Festival. Thanks to their generosity, we are fortunate to be able to offer special prizes to deserving students at the end of the Festival. These prizes include handmade head joints, piccolos, flutes and scholarships towards next year’s Festival!

All classes are open to all students and music lovers to observe throughout the Festival.

We invite you to join us at the 30th Anniversary Galway Flute Festival from 19-28 July 2019, for an inspiring week filled with picturesque sights and sounds, taught by the Master and his friends!

Sir James holds his daily class with pre-selected students in the main hall, the Aula, which is open to all auditors and participants to observe. This presents a fantastic opportunity to listen to fellow students perform and learn from “The Master of the Flute”. Students of all levels will benefit from listening to Sir James while he assists and guides them through complex passages and shares his years of experience and wisdom. His characteristic style of teaching is combined with humour, advice, opportunities for questions and demonstrations provide hours of learning from the maestro.

Lady Galway brings her passion for teaching, her expertise and years of learning from Sir James to the students of the Galway Flute Festival. Students of all levels are welcome to join in this class held every afternoon including a special class on technique, tone development and studies. Each active participant will have an opportunity to perform with a pianist in a masterclass setting and be coached by Lady Galway on this piece. Lady Galway has a teaching style that suits all levels of players and she shares her passion for playing the flute by making all students feel relaxed and worthy.

Lady Galway accepts students of all levels in her class. It would be helpful to have attained the equivalent of Grade 4/5 ABRSM to play some of the technical studies.

Oxford Flute Summer School 2019

Oxford Flute Summer School 2019

All Flutes Plus are delighted to be sponsoring the Oxford Flute Summer School 2019.

Nigel James and some of his staff will be visiting the course with an extensive range of flutes, piccolos and headjoints for you to try. There will be a large selection of sheet music, compact discs and accessories for you to browse through or purchase.

The senior All Flutes Plus technician will be visiting the course to carry out emergency repairs and to discuss any technical aspects with you. Telephone +44 (0)20 7388 8438 if you would like further information or would like to try a particular instrument at the Oxford Flute Summer School.

Flute Teachers

  • Robert Winn
  • Kate Hill
  • Robert Manasse
  • Janet Way
  • Katie Alcock
  • Carrie Hensel
  • Thies Roorda

Oxford Flute Summer School welcomes many players – enthusiastic amateurs, emerging young artists, late-starters, professional players and teachers; all come together to be inspired by music and the flute.

See more in depth information about our courses by clicking on the headings below, or see the sample timetable.


You may play any pieces that inspire you or that you would like to learn more about. Technical brilliance is great but definitely not essential!

Everyone can learn as much from a simple piece as from a technical cliffhanger. Oxford Performers and Oxford Masterclass participants are asked to tell us by July 1st which pieces they wish to study or perform so that programmes, teachers and accompanists can be suitably assigned. Just before the course a list of those pieces will be circulated to all participants.

All Flutes Plus can supply any music you need.

Scottish International Flute Summer School 2019

Scottish International Flute Summer School 2019

All Flutes Plus are delighted to be funding a bursary to the value of an Intensive Performer’s place at the Scottish International Flute Summer School. (N.B As per the SIFSS Website, bursary applications for the AFP Intensive Performer’s place are now closed as of 30th April 2019)
Tutors for 2019

The tutors for 2019 include Paul Edmund-Davies, Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany, Gitte Marcusson, Ruth Morley, Lee Holland and Lis Dooner. On piano we have Scott Mitchell, Claire Haslin and Michael Bawtree

Who are we?
The Scottish International Flute Summer School was founded in 1996 by Ruth Morley and Peter Lloyd.  We have grown into a world renowned flute course that offers you the chance to study with some of the world’s leading flute players in an incredibly supportive environment.

What do we do?
We aim to provide you with inspiration and new ideas that you can use to develop your flute playing.  Our non-competitive ethos ensures an environment that will empower and enable risk-taking!
As an international school there is the exciting opportunity to expand your horizons by spending time with flute players from all over the world!

Is it for me?
Are you…
• a music student at a conservatoire or university?
• a flute teacher or a young professional player?
• at school and considering study on a performance course?
• an advanced amateur playing for pleasure?  (Minimum recommended standard is grade 5 and above)
• aged 16 or older?

Then the answer is YES, one of our course options will be suitable for you and can provide a week of fluting that will inspire.

Come for a week and enjoy the results for a lifetime!
The Scottish International Flute Summer School is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing the highest quality of flute tuition.

34th William Bennett International Flute Summer School-2nd-9th August 2019

34th William Bennett International Flute Summer School-2nd-9th August 2019

William Bennett & Lorna McGhee
at the Woldingham School, Surrey, UK

34th William Bennett International Flute Summer School-2nd-9th August 2019Teaching assistants
* Michie Bennett * Yi-Hsuan Chen * Jagoda Krezminska

Seungwon Lee and Joseph Havlat

* Master class sessions will be held in the mornings and afternoons by William Bennett and Lorna McGhee.

* Flute Basics classes in every afternoon, Michie Bennett , Jagoda Korezminska, Yi-Hsuan Chen will give a basic class to tone production, pitch control and flexibility.wibbdi

* Individual lessons from the Teaching Assistants.

* There will be an Orchestra study class everyday with Vytenis Gurstis.

* There will be a class given by William Bennetts on Marcel Moyse 24 little melodic studies, which we consider to be the most important work to lay the foundations of good articulation, phrase building, and developing the use of different colours.

* There will be a workshop given by Lorna McGhee on Body awareness – releasing unnecessary tension and building our trust & connection with the airstream, which is after all, the basis of all expression. Finding a natural connection to the breath gives us the ability to tap into the narrative quality of any piece of music, allowing us to ‘talk’ through our instrument.

* There will be a Recitals given by William Bennett, Lorna McGhee,Jagoda Korezminska, Yi-Hsuan Chen

* There will be a classes for the Orchestra studies by Vytenis Gurstis

* There will be classes about posture and body by David Katz, which should be of great interest to flute players to improve technique and avoid future physical problems .