PLAY FOR PROGRESS established a weekly music programme in 2016, which is run in conjunction with the Refugee Council UK’s Children’s Section in Croydon for unaccompanied minor refugees and asylum seekers (teens under 18 who fled war and conflict) who have made it to the UK against all odds, and on their own.

As young people come into the UK, they must undergo the long and arduous process of gaining asylum through the Home Office.  While their applications are evaluated, many of these young people are placed in foster care or youth hostels in Croydon, and only some have been entered into formal education. Those who haven’t been given access to public schooling take basic classes at the Refugee Council itself.  Most of these teens endured harrowing experiences as they journeyed to get here, and upon arriving, discovered that the process of gaining asylum is itself is an arduous, lengthy, and traumatic one.

Play For Progress want to be there for these people, to offer ways for them to connect with the diverse and often overwhelming city that is London, to practice their language skills, to release tensions and healthily offer respite from trauma in a safe space, to forge supportive friendships and relationships, and to explore and develop their own creative potential. That is why they developed their music programme. Why music, you ask?

Making music unlocks the gates to self-appreciation, self-exploration and self-expression and enhances communal appreciation, expression and development. Play For Progress programmes are designed to encourage and enable these children to find enjoyment in music making, explore cultural traditions, collaborate with their peers and bring out their inner performer.

Research shows that learning music, even in programmes lasting only one month, improves reading skills, numeracy, vocabulary, abstract thinking skills, long-term and auditory memory, listening skills, and develops the part of the brain that is associated with sensory and motor function.

Beyond the scientific reasons for learning music, music education is beneficial in its own right: in the making of music! Music is a unique form of cultural and personal expression that exists in every culture. Music provides an outlet for creative thinking, a means for emotional processing and release, a method of encouraging self-discipline, and good old fashioned fun!

Play For Progress offer a range of courses and activities, such as private instrumental lessons, jam sessions, creative arts therapy, arty outings, and showcases and performances around the UK.

The best thing anyone can do is donate to Play For Progress, they are aiming for regular monthly donations, so they can continue to run monthly activities, but of course, anything helps.

Flute Lessons-Emmanuel Pahud-Flute Fundamentals

Flute Lessons-Emmanuel Pahud-Flute Fundamentals – A fascinating video from one of the masters of flute, Emmanuel Pahud discussing the fundamentals of flute playing (Presented by ‘Play With A Pro’). This introductory video gives a glimpse of the detailed video course aimed a student, intermediate and professional players alike. Emmanuel offers a fascinating incite advice on the six foundational principles of flute playing. Furthermore, ‘’ are offering the full 53 minute video for a nominal fee. Click on the link below for further information.

  • Six Plan Video Lesson
  • Intro
  • Breathing and blowing
  • Vibrato
  • Tonguing
  • Double and Triple Tonguing
  • Flute Position and Embouchure
  • Intonation – Emmanuel Pahud Videos

Sir James Galway First Flute Online Course

The Sir James Galway First Flute Online Course is aimed at beginner,  amateur and professionals.

This online course is designed to allow flautists from all walks of life to learn direct from the Master with an array of online covering in depth topics on technique and musicality. This fantastic series of lessons is designed to inspire students and teachers alike in an enjoyable, intuitive, easy-to-learn environment.

The Online Course Includes:
•    15 lessons of in-depth video instruction
•    Embouchure technique
•    Breathing exercises
•    Scales, arpeggios tips & demonstrations
•    Instruction on perfect finger technique
•    Hundreds of tips, tricks & warnings
•    Duet with Sir James
•    Dedicated online “Practice Room”
•    52 pages of downloadable sheet music
•    Extensive glossary of musical terms
•    A whole recital of exclusive concert performances
•    Composer biographies written by Sir James
•    New content added frequently
•    And much, much more…

Ian Mullin-Visit to new Miyazawa factory in Iijima-Japan

Ian at Miyazawa factory
Ian Mullin-Visit to new Miyazawa factory in Iijima-Japan – In June this past summer, I was fortunate to meet with both the Miyazawa and Sankyo flute companies on my travels to Japan of which All Flutes Plus are the distributors for both these fantastic Japanese flute manufacturers. After the 12 hour Virgin Atlantic flight of which I was unable to sleep, I was met very kindly by Kazu Miyazawa at the airport early on a Sunday morning. I was treated incredibly well by Mr Miyazawa senior, Kazu and Ichirok throughout my few days in both Tokyo and Iijima.

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