Flute Lessons-Emmanuel Pahud-Flute Fundamentals

Flute Lessons-Emmanuel Pahud-Flute Fundamentals – A fascinating video from one of the masters of flute, Emmanuel Pahud discussing the fundamentals of flute playing (Presented by ‘Play With A Pro’). This introductory video gives a glimpse of the detailed video course aimed a student, intermediate and professional players alike. Emmanuel offers a fascinating incite advice on the six foundational principles of flute playing. Furthermore, ‘playwithapro.com’ are offering the full 53 minute video for a nominal fee. Click on the link below for further information.

  • Six Plan Video Lesson
  • Intro
  • Breathing and blowing
  • Vibrato
  • Tonguing
  • Double and Triple Tonguing
  • Flute Position and Embouchure
  • Intonation

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