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Latest Update 4th November 2020


In line with government requirements, unfortunately we will be closed again for the lockdown period from 4th November 2020.

To share some cheer in these difficult times and encourage music to be played  we are delighted to offer 15% off all new sheet music in stock and 5% off any new flute or piccolo.

We look forward to processing your online orders and seeing you when we can.   Please email us at: for any communications.

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Sheet Music Browsing
We have been stunned by the support of all the flute players buying music from us online over the past few months. We thank you greatly and hope you have enjoyed learning new music. Apologies that in some cases the efficiency of dispatch has been slower than we would wish. Supply chain and delivery facilities have been understandably erratic.

Many of you have come to us asking for repairs, and we are happy to be able to provide this service for you again.

To prevent contamination, we will be thoroughly sanitising and quarantining for at least 3 days any flutes that arrive in the shop for repair. Once the repair is complete, we will once again sanitise and quarantine the flutes for another 3 days before returning them to the customer. This will add an extra week onto the time taken for a repair to be done.

All repairs, whether minor or substantial, will need to be booked in. A small repair will take a week, a service will take 2 weeks, and an overhaul will take 3 weeks to complete. We appreciate your patience over the forthcoming period with regard to repair times. Safety for all is paramount.

Buying Flutes
Going forward initially, testing flutes in store will not be possible due to the potential transmission of Covid-19 through airborne particles. We will support our customers using online Zoom consultations to give every assistance to help ensure the right choice is made. Our staff have been online teaching over the last 3 months and are confident that quality and specialist advice will continue to be given.
We are happy to send out flutes via royal mail special delivery. We are also happy to provide any advice via phone call, email or video call.

All instruments will be sanitised and quarantined for several days before being provided for trial. We would like to make it clear that any flute that returns to our shop from testing will be thoroughly sanitised and quarantined for at least 3 days before being used for testing again.

Ian Mullin Testing the Miyazawa PB102 Flute

Ian Mullin Testing the Miyazawa PB202 Flute