Valentino Piccolo Cleaning Wand


The Valentino Piccolo Cleaning Wand is a product that is indispensable for the performing flautist/piccolo player. This carefully constructed swab efficiently removes moisture with the least amount of effort.

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Valentino Piccolo Cleaning Wand

Valentino Piccolo Cleaning Wand


This product is a popular cleaning accessory for flute students and professional players alike. This carefully constructed swab efficiently removes moisture with the least amount of effort. Now supplied in two pieces for easier storage in your piccolo case! Simply insert the flag into the bottom of your flute and give it a twist or two and remove it to see the results.

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This piccolo flag extends to the full length of a piccolo, facilitating swift cleaning even in the midst of performances without the need for disassembly. This innovative tool addresses the issue of water-logging keys effectively.

With its full piccolo length design, it allows for cleaning without the removal of the headjoint, ensuring seamless functionality. It proves ideal for quick cleaning during performances, preserving tuning accuracy without any hassle.

The Piccolo Flag is designed to clean down to the cork face, made from a soft and absorbent man-made fabric. Its two-piece Stainless Steel shaft enhances durability, and the entire product is easily washable, maintaining its efficiency and quality over time.

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