Trevor Wye Practice Book For The Flute


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Trevor Wye Practice Book For The Flute

Trevor Wye Practice Book For The Flute Revised Edition

(Advanced Practice)
Publisher: Novello

Book Options

  • Book 1 Tone (CD Edition)
  • Book 2 Technique
  • Book 3 Articulation
  • Book 4 Intonation & Vibrato
  • Book 5 Breathing & Scales
  • Book 6 Advanced Practice

Each section is accompanied by useful practice and performance tips.



Considered the ultimate guide to tone development, this exercise book forms the basis of excellent flute playing. It provides a systematic approach to building a beautiful tone, covering exercises in all registers, enhancing tone colours, improving breath and pitch control, and increasing flexibility. Comes with CD.


This book provides a step-by-step guide to developing good flute technique, with plenty of helpful exercises for all registers of the instrument.


Articulation is a vital component of flute technique, serving as the “speech” of music. This book offers a comprehensive and sequential approach to mastering good articulation. It covers essential topics such as slurring, single, double, and triple tonguing, addressing problem notes, and providing strategies to overcome nerves and anxiety. It serves as a step-by-step guide for flautists aiming to improve their articulation skills.


This comprehensive book addresses all aspects related to playing in tune and offers valuable guidance to enhance listening skills and develop a keen sense of pitch. It explores various topics such as flute harmonics, the flute scale, perfect pitch, tuning up, and vibrato. Additionally, it includes 24 studies specifically designed to improve intonation.


This book offers practical guidance for enhancing breath control, a crucial aspect of flute playing. It provides useful tips, accompanied by helpful diagrams, to assist flautists in improving their breath control technique. Additionally, the book features an extensive collection of scales and arpeggios, serving as a valuable resource for developing technical proficiency. As a bonus, it includes a concise introduction to the art of improvisation.


Book six of this series is highly valuable for both amateur and aspiring professional flute players. It expands upon the knowledge acquired from earlier books while venturing into new territory. This book delves deeply into crucial aspects such as tone production, posture, technique, articulation, the upper register, breathing, and intonation. With comprehensive coverage of these topics, it serves as a valuable resource for flute players aiming to refine their skills and broaden their musical abilities.

Trevor Wye

British flautist, Trevor Wye (Born 1935-) is a professional flautist, teacher, author and editor of several technical and repertoire books for the flute. In particular, his popular series of  ‘Practice Books for Flute’ has been translated into eleven other languages. He is also the Founder of the British Flute Society and founded the International Summer School for Flute.

He began learning the flute aged 15 and studied privately with renowned flautists, Geoffrey Gilbert and Marcel Moyse. Trevor freelanced as a chamber and orchestral player on the London scene for many years and has many solo recordings to his name. Wye was also a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music, in London and for 21 years at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. He continues to travel throughout the world giving Masterclasses in Europe, the USA and Japan.

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