Flute Duets Edited by Trevor Wye


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Flute Duets Edited by Trevor Wye

Flute Duets Edited by Trevor Wye


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Devienne Allegretto
Devienne Allegro
Mozart Allegro
Franck Galliard
Turk Gavotte
Franck Intrada
Loeillet Largo
Eichner Minuet From Sonata No. 6
Mozart Minuets I & II From Sonata No. 1
Paisiello Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento (L’Amor Contrastato)
Bochsa Nocturne
Vivaldi Pastorale From Sonata No. 4 Of The Faithul Shepherd
Loeillet Poco Vivace
De Boismortier Rigaudon
Buchner Russian Melody From Fantasy Op. 22
Baston Siciliana From Concertino In D
Lichtenthal Theme


Mozart Allegretto
Cambini Allegro Affettuso From Opus 11, No. 4
Locatelli Andante And Allegro From Sonata In E Minor For Two Flutes
Walkiers Andante From Opus 55
Blavet Four Duets From Opus 1, No. 5
Telemann Larghetto From Sonata No. 4, Book 2
Sarabande for a sandwich
Telemann Poco Presto From Sonatas For Two Flutes No. 3, Book 1
Gluck Transcription Of A Gavotte
Telemann Presto From Sonata No. 1, Book 2
Loeillet Two Duets From Opus 5, No. 4
Loeillet Vivace (Sonata No.1 Op.3)


Six easy and tuneful sonatas by the 19th-century composer and flautist Eugène Walkiers (1793-1866), taken from his opus 55.

  • Duo I – Allegro Con Brio
  • Duo I – Andantino
  • Duo I – Rondo
  • Duo II – Allegro
  • Duo II – Andante
  • Duo II – Rondo
  • Duo III – Allegro Marziale
  • Duo III – Allegro Vivo
  • Duo IV – Allegro Agitato
  • Duo IV – Romance
  • Duo IV – Scherzo
  • Duo V – Bolero
  • Duo V – Risoluto
  • Duo VI – Andante
  • Duo VI – Polonaise

Trevor Wye

Trevor Wye, a British flautist born in 1935, is a professional flautist, teacher, author, and editor. He is known for his technical and repertoire books for the flute, particularly the widely popular “Practice Books for Flute” series, which has been translated into eleven languages. Additionally, he founded the British Flute Society and established the International Summer School for Flute.

Wye began learning the flute at the age of 15 and received private instruction from renowned flautists Geoffrey Gilbert and Marcel Moyse. He worked as a freelance chamber and orchestral player in London for many years and has recorded numerous solo performances. He also served as a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music in London and taught at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester for 21 years, where he focused on flute teaching, chamber music coaching, and conducting the RNCM Wind Band.

Wye continues to travel around the world, offering masterclasses in Europe, the USA, and Japan. His contributions to flute education and music have been highly regarded, and he remains actively involved in sharing his expertise and passion for the flute.


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