Theory is Fun by Maureen Cox


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Theory is Fun by Maureen Cox

Theory is Fun by Maureen Cox

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Maureen Cox presents the theory of music in a fun step-by-step, straightforward way. This series is designed to make learning music theory an enjoyable experience for anyone.

These books are aimed at individuals who are studying music theory with the goal of playing an instrument skillfully, improving their singing abilities, or enhancing their listening skills.

This series covers the basic rudiments of theory required by the various Boards and Colleges including the ABRSM, Trinity College London, the Music Examinations Boards of Australia and New Zealand and the Royal Conservatory of Canada.

Book One

Treble Clef & Letter Names
Bass Clef & Letter Names
Time Names & Note Values
The note pyramid
Dotted Notes
Tied Notes
Accidentals – sharps, flats & naturals
Tones & Semitones
Key Signatures and Scales
Degrees of the Scale
Intervals: Melodic/harmonicTonic Triads
Time Signatures
Writing Your Own Music
Answering Rhythms
Puzzles, Quizzes and Tests
Musical Terms and Signs

Book Two

Major key signatures to 3 sharps and flats
Minor keys to 1 sharp and flat
Degress of the scales and intervals
Tonic triads
Keyboard tones and semitones
Time signatures
Grouping notes and rest
Two legder lines below and above the staves
Writing four bar rhythms
Puzzles, quizzes and ten one-page tests
Musical terms and signs

Book Three

Key Signatures
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Tonic Triads
Simple Time Signatures
Compound Time Signatures
Grouping of Notes
Grouping of Rests
Transposition at the Octave
Note Values
Ledger Lines
Four-Bar Rhythms
General Questions
Dictionary of Musical Terms 61
List of Signs
Progress Chart

Book Four

Key Signatures
The Alto Clef
Major and Minor Scales
Technical Names
Chromatic Scales
Time Signatures
Primary Triads and Chords
Words and Rhythm
General Questions
Instruments of the Orchestra
Dictionary of Musical Terms
List of Signs
Progress Chart

Book Five

Key signatures to 7 sharps or flats
Tenor clef and scales
Compound intervals: major, minor, perfect, diminished & augmented
Irregular time signatures, quintuple & septuple.
Tonic, super-tonic, subdominant & dominant chords.
Writing at concert pitch
Short & open score
Orchestral instruments
Composing a melody
Perfect, imperfect & plagal cadences
Puzzles, quizzes and ten one-page tests
Musical terms and signs.

*Contents for Books Two-Five to follow*

A word about the revised edition series

Using the previous editions of my Theory is Fun books, more than a half million people, young and not so young, mostly in the UK, had fun learning music theory. This edition has been revised and extended to include students in other countries such as America and Canada where, for example, a bar is a measure, a minim is a half note and a tone is a whole step. Common alternative terms are listed at the back of the book with a dictionary of musical terms and signs.


I am grateful to the many Professional Private Music Teachers and Members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians who used Theory is Fun with their pupils and to Christina Bourne, Brenda Harris, Alison Hogg, Judith Holmes, Ann Leggett and Marion Martin for their helpful suggestions. I am especially grateful to Alison Hounsome for
her insightful comments and helpful recommendations in the preparation of this revised edition.

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