The Flute Way 3 by Sophie Dufeutrelle


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The Flute Way 3 by Sophie Dufeutrelle

The Flute Way 3 by Sophie Dufeutrelle

Title-Rue Traversiere 3
Une approche ludique et innovante des exercices journaliers de Taffanel et Gaubert


This is Dufetrelle’s 3rd book in the series ‘Rue Traversiere’. She describes this book as an updated version of the 17 daily exercises by Paul Taffanel and Philippe Gaubert, adapted to the 21st Century flautist. Sophie brings an engaging and innovative approach to these renowned flute exercises. Preface by Juliette Hurel, Jasmine Choi, Pamela Stahel, Emmanuel Pahud & Greg Patillo.

Aimed at flautists from the 3rd year of study up to professional level, the book focuses on sound, intonation, breath, phrasing, rhythm and tonguing.


1 – Sound, homogeneity, Rhythmic Breathing and Embouchure Flexibility
– Perfecting your sound in EJ4,10,12,13
– Homogeneity across the registers
– Embouchure flexibility in minor, major and chromatic scales

II – Major and minor Scales EJ4
– Practicing at your level
– Turn your scales into music: EJ4 for 3 voices
– Articulation and rhythm sequences
– Double and triple tonguing
– EJ 4 (Musical texts)
– 150 sequences of articulations and rhythms to apply to all scales (musical texts)

III – Chromatic Scales EJ5
– EJ5
– A close look at the third octave
– Chromatic scales across the full range of the flute
– Rapid chromatics

IV – Scales and arpeggios by ear
– Inventing your own scale patterns
– Three-note arpeggios
– Scales in thirds

V – Arpeggios EJ10,11,12,13,14,16
– Close-ups and special models

VI – Grove, Swing and Beatbox Sounds
– P, T, and K sounds
– Place sounds in the rhythmic cell
– Get off to a good start
– Beatbox flute and melody
– Beatbox-flute and EJ4
– Focus on your goals

VII-The Daily Exercises (Original Texts)

Sophie Dufeutrelle

Sophie Dufeutrelle is a flautist, teacher, and composer with a diverse and original artistic career encompassing pedagogy, concerts, and composition.

Since 1986, Sophie’s flute-focused repertoire has steadily expanded with high-quality and enjoyable compositions. Her works are performed by flautists in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Norway, and Belgium.

Maxence Larrieu commissioned her to write “L’Ombre du Blanc” for flute and vibraphone in 2007.

In 2008, Philippe Bernold commissioned “Drôles d’Oiseaux” for 2 flutes, alto and bass flute, piano, harpsichord, and soprano, performed at the “Festival des forêts” in Compiègne.

In 2014, her concerto “Aurore/Sunrise” premiered at the La Côte Flute Festival in Switzerland, featuring Mathias Ziegler as soloist, conducted by Philippe Bernold with the Geneva Chamber Orchestra.

Sophie Dufeutrelle conducts masterclasses at conservatories and universities, focusing on contemporary repertoire, pedagogy, improvisation, sound painting, and her own compositions.

Her published works include pieces for young flautists, co-authored with Brigitte Le Borgne, with prefaces by Trevor Wye and Philippe Bernold.

Since 1981, Sophie has taught flute at the National School in Villeurbanne, France, and advises teacher training at the Superior Conservatories of Music in Paris and Lyon.

She is a founding member of ‘PENTAGÔNES,’ a flute sextet, and guest conducts the ‘Orchestre de Flûtes du Rhône’ (OFR/Rhône Flute Orchestra).

From 1986 to 1991, she served as President of the French Flute Association ‘La Traversière’ and studied under Fernand Caratge and Pierre Yves Artaud.

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