The Flute Way 1-Flute and Piano-Leduc


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The Flute Way 1-Flute and Piano-Leduc

The Flute Way 1-Flute and Piano-Leduc (Rue Traversiere, 1 en concert des 2 notes…avec CD)

The Flute Way 1 includes a set of 18 pieces for Flute and piano (beginner level) by Sophie Dufeutrelle and Brigitte Le Borgne. This album includes a piano accompaniment CD.

1. Barrel-organ
2. Rain
3. “Bass Danse”
4. Village Fete
5. Troublemaker
6. Sorrow
7. Peasant Dance
8. From the top of the Tower
9. Cuddle
10. Indian Dance
11. Strange Waltz
12. Hide and Seek
13. The little Brazilian train
14. Melancholy
15. Bell
16. Lullaby
17. A walk in the King’s wood
18. Trumpet
19. Tuning Track
20. Piano only track (same order as the score)

Sophie Dufeutrelle and Brigitte Le Borgne are both great pedagogues who have won Prizes. While the former published 11 books under the Alphonse Leduc name, the second one created her own production, Antidote.

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