Popp for Flute-7 European Salon Pieces-Flute and Piano-Schott


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Popp for Flute-7 European Salon Pieces-Flute and Piano-Schott

Popp for Flute-7 European Salon Pieces-Flute and Piano-Schott


  • Serbian Folk Tale, op. 469/4
  • Italian Serenade, op. 462/3
  • Spanish Dance, op. 437/4
  • Swedish Idyll, op. 471/1
  • Russian Musical Evening, op. 469/6
  • Hungarian Dance, op. 308/1
  • Song Without Words-in German Folk Style, op. 471/5

In the 19th Century nationalist themes came into fashion. Composers drew on songs and dances from their native lands, working them into paraphrased adaptations, pot pourri arrangements and sets of variations or incorporating folk elements from various cultures in their compositions.

Flautist Wilhelm Popp (1828-1902), who wrote music for his instrument at every level of difficulty, also took up this popular trend.

In this collection seven of his ‘easily playable’ compositions have been chosen with musical links to different European countries. Here again Popp shows his ability to distil the essence from musical styles and fashions of his time, setting lyrical and virtuoso passages so well for the instrument that their effectiveness far outweighs any difficulties.
The popularity of his pieces for tuition purposes, school concerts or youth music competitions remains undiminished to this day. This edition is essentially based on the first printed versions of these pieces – with just a small number of printing errors and inconsistencies corrected without comment.

German composer, Popp Wilhelm (also going by the name of Guillaume Popp and the pseudonym Henry Alberti) (1828-1903) was a talented flautist and pianist and wrote over 600 works, many of them for the flute. He studied under Caspar Kummer and Louis Philippe Drouet. During 1860, he became Principal Flute of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. During this time, he composed an array of virtuosic works for flute based on Verdi’s Rigoletto Fantasied, Liszt’s solo piano paraphrase and ‘La Traviata’ Waltz amongst others.

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