Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major KV314 Cadenzas by Berio


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Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major KV314 Cadenzas by Berio

Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major KV314 Cadenzas by Berio

Emmanuel Pahud Presents Series
Publisher-Universal Edition
Luciano Berio: Cadenzas to Flute Concerto by Wolfgang A. Mozart – D major for flute KV 314


Emmanuel Pahud presents Luciano Berio’s cadenzas to Mozart’s “Flute Concerto in D major” K. 314. This volume from “The Flute Collection” provides a practical solution to the search for the perfect cadenza. It allows flautists to display their virtuosity using an idea of Luciano Berio. He wrote these cadenzas in 1985 on behalf of the then-solo flautist at La Scala, Milan. Emmanuel Pahud published and revised them making them another precious puzzle piece in the boundless flute repertoire.

Pan Magazine Review 12/2014 (Carla Rees)

As one might expect, these are the most adventurous, (…) with an extended (two-page) cadenza for the first movement which makes use of a chromatic language, including flutter tonguing, tremolos and septuplet rhythms. The cadenzas for the other two movements are shorter and use only traditional techniques, but are no less adventurous. In these cadenzas, Berio has worked with small fragments of Mozart’s material and developed and worked with it to make it clearly a part of his own compositional voice (…) These cadenzas are a joy. They are also fun to play.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756 and was a hugely influential composer of the Classical era. He began composing music at the aged of 5 and was a child prodigy. Mozart was also extremely competent on the keyboard and violin.  He composed over 600 works including symphonies, chamber works, operas, and keyboard works amongst a huge array of other works.

Mozart composed works for flute including a concerto for flute and harp, a concerto in G Major and D Major, an Andante in C and flute & string quartets.

Luciano Berio

Berio was a highly influential Italian composer known for his innovative and avant-garde approach to music. Born in 1925, Berio’s compositions spanned a wide range of genres, including orchestral, chamber, and vocal works. His groundbreaking compositions often incorporated electronic and experimental elements, pushing the boundaries of traditional musical forms. Berio’s notable works include “Sinfonia,” “Folk Songs,” and “Sequenza” series, which showcased his mastery of orchestration and manipulation of sound. As a leading figure in contemporary music, Berio’s contributions continue to shape the landscape of modern composition. For a more detailed biography of Luciano Berio and his musical legacy, you can visit the official website dedicated to his life and work:

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