Marcello Sonata in B Flat Major Op 2 No 7-Flute and Basso Continuo with CD-Dowani


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Marcello Sonata in B Flat Major Op 2 No 7-Flute and Basso Continuo with CD-Dowani

Marcello Sonata in B Flat Major Op 2 No 7-Flute and Basso Continuo with CD-Dowani DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along is a highly effective and field-tested method that goes far beyond commercially available play-along editions. DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along allows learners, teachers, and music lovers to study a work systematically at three different tempos with a professional accompaniment. Our earlier DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along editions only contained the solo part in the form of a fold-out sheet in A5 format, along with one or two CDs. For the “albums” (collections of several pieces at different levels of difficulty) the music for the piano accompaniment can be purchased separately (see our complete catalogue). Each new DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along edition published since 2003 in standard sheet music format (230 x 305 mm) comes with a solo part, a piano reduction, and one or two CDs. In all DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along editions the solo part also serves as an index to the track numbers on the CDs, thereby making it easy to locate the desired pieces or particular passages at each tempo for practice purposes. It’s fun, efficient, and a considerable boost to morale. The “tireless” accompanist will be patiently at your side whenever you want. Every CD opens with the Concert Version of each movement (solo instrument with orchestra, basso continuo, or piano accompaniment), always in a top-notch recording. This is followed by the piano or harpsichord accompaniment at slow and medium tempo for practice purposes, with the solo instrument heard softly in the background at slow tempos as a guide. You can then have yourself accompanied by the orchestra, piano, or basso continuo at the original tempo. Every version has been recorded live by distinguished soloists, accompanists and orchestras. There are no synthesized sounds at DOWANI! It goes without saying that DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along editions cannot and should not replace a teacher! Instead, they support teachers in their work by motivating pupils at home and helping them to practice efficiently. They promote good intonation and a sense of rhythm, and are thus an ideal preparation for rehearsing with other musicians. The titles span various levels of difficulty, thereby offering beginners and advanced learners alike an opportunity to take full advantage of the DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along method.

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