Haydn Concerto in D Major for Flute with Play-Along CD


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Haydn Concerto in D Major for Flute with Play-Along CD

Haydn Concerto in D Major for Flute with Play-Along CD

Composer-Franz Joseph Haydn


This concerto was originally scored for flute and string orchestra (Cembalo ad. Lib).

Dowani Accompaniment

DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along offers learners, teachers, and music enthusiasts a systematic study of a work at three different tempos with a professional accompaniment.

The accompanying CD features the Concert Version of each movement, where the solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra, basso continuo, or piano. Next, the piano or harpsichord accompaniment is provided at slow and medium tempos, allowing for practice. In these versions, the solo instrument subtly plays in the background at slow tempos, providing a helpful guide for practice.

Distinguished soloists, accompanists, and orchestras have recorded each accompaniment live, ensuring an authentic and high-quality experience. No synthesised sounds are used in the recordings.

Joseph Haydn

Haydn (1732-1809) was an Austrian composer known for his significant contributions to classical music. He composed a variety of works, including symphonies, string quartets, choral music, piano sonatas, and baryton compositions, blending wit, innovation, and traditional craftsmanship. His influence on contemporaries like Mozart and Beethoven highlights his pivotal role in shaping the Classical style.

Haydn’s musical journey commenced at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna at the young age of eight, where he diligently honed his violin and keyboard skills. Upon leaving the choir, he supported himself by teaching and performing the violin while immersing himself in the study of counterpoint and harmony.

Furthermore, his association with Metastasio opened doors to the upper echelons of society, affording him access to the esteemed Esterházy family’s grand palace. In 1761, he assumed the role of the head of the musical establishment, providing crucial support that sustained him throughout his illustrious career.

Regarded as the pioneer of the symphony, Haydn boasts an impressive collection of 106 symphonies, including the renowned “London Symphonies” (1791–95). Additionally, he made significant contributions to the string quartet genre, crafting 68 quartets that remain foundational in the musical form. Moreover, he composed 14 masses and the oratorios The Creation (1798) and The Seasons (1801), significantly enriching the choral repertoire. His extensive musical output encompasses 47 piano sonatas and over 125 compositions for the baryton, a cello-like instrument.

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