Fluting Stars-Flute Method Book For Young Beginners-Pucihar


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Fluting Stars-Flute Method Book For Young Beginners-Pucihar

Fluting Stars-Flute Method Book For Young Beginners-Pucihar

Separate Books

  • Book 1
  • Book 2

Complete with free engaging downloadable accompaniment tracks.

The creators of Luna’s Magic Flute and Flute at Play, Blaz Pucihar and Ana Kavcic Pucihar, have created a new colourful project for young Flute beginners – The Fluting Stars.

Fluting Stars come in two books and are inventive, beautifully illustrated Flute-method book for young flute beginners and their teachers.

Young Flute beginners are invited to learn the fundamentals of flute playing and chamber music through:

More than 50 traditional folk songs from Europe and the United States of America.
More than 65 original pieces in a variety of musical styles from baroque to cha-cha.
Chamber music in duets, trios, quartets, and even with percussion.
Music theory as an exciting adventure.

The Fluting Stars method books cover the fundamentals of flute playing with carefully structured, step-by-step instructions.

  • They are divided into 10 Key Leaps, large instructional units with seven focus areas:
  • The Fluting Star Magazine presents new material.
  • Treasure Chest of Sparkly Tones establishes beautiful tone production.
  • Ear Detective develops aural awareness.
  • Notes in a Minute build music-literacy skills.
  • Finger Fitness establishes fundamentals of Flute finger technique.
  • Stellar Student creates young music-theory enthusiasts.
  • Cherry on Top offers musical challenges and performance pieces.

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