Boehm 24 Caprices Opus 26-Billaudot


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Boehm 24 Caprices Opus 26-Billaudot

Boehm 24 Caprices Opus 26-Billaudot (Edition by Gaston Blanquart and Rene Le Roy)

Theobald Boehm

Boehm (1794-1881) was a renowned Bavarian flautist, composer, and Goldsmith. Between 1821-1831, he travelled throughout Europe giving performances of his own compositions, performed on flutes made in his own workshop. Boehm experimented with various new concepts in flute mechanics and developed/revised the cylindrical Boehm flute over many years. His flute design became the standard form of the modern flute which French and American workshops later adopted. With the modernisations Boehm contributed to the new flute model, numerous composers became more adventurous in what they wrote for the flute.

He wrote numerous works for flute including studies and an array of virtuosic flute and piano including:

Boehm Works for Flute

12 Etudes, Op.15
24 Caprices-etudes, Op.26
24 Etudes
Concerto in G Major Opus 1, Op.37,
Fantasie Sur Des Themes Ecossaise
Variations on a German Air
Air Suisse Opus 20 Variations Brilliantes
Trois Duos de Mendelssohn et Lachner
Andante for Flute and Piano, Op.33
Variations sur un Air Allemand, Op.22
Elegy, Op.47
Fantasie sur un air de F. Schubert Op.21
Variations Brilliantes Op 22
Souvenir des Alpes, Opp.27-32
Variations sur ‘Nel cor più’, Op.4
Grande Polonaise
Variations sur un air tyrolien, Op.20

Amongst other works

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