Blavet 6 Sonatas Opus 2 for Flute & Basso Continuo


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Blavet 6 Sonatas Opus 2 for Flute & Basso Continuo

Blavet 6 Sonatas Opus 2 for Flute & Basso Continuo


  • Blavet 6 Sonatas Op.2  / 1-3 Volume 1 – Sonatas 1-3 (Sonate I: L’Henriette, Sonate II: La Vibray, Sonate III: La D’Hérouville)
  • Blavet 6 Sonatas Op.2 /4-6   Volume II: Sonatas 4-6 (Sonate IV: La Lumague, Sonate V: La Chauvette, Sonate VI: La Boucot)

Michael Blavet

French composer and flute virtuoso Michel Blavet (1700-1768) taught himself an array of instruments. He specialised in the bassoon and flute, holding the flute to the left, contrary to modern-day flute playing. His playing was highly regarded for its brilliance, ravishing beauty of tone and purity of intonation. His talent and amiable nature forged a lasting friendship with Quantz, who praised Blavet’s kindness and musicianship.

In 1726, Blavet joined the Duke of Carignan and became part of the newly formed Concert Spirituel. He obtained a privilege from Louis XV in 1728 to publish flute sonatas and served as the steward of music for Louis, Count of Clermont. Blavet’s first book of flute music, featuring six sonatas for two flutes without bass, was published in 1728.

In 1738, Blavet became the principal flute in Louis XV’s personal ensemble, the “Musique du Roi,” and later joined the Paris Opera orchestra in 1740. Notably, he played in the quartet that premiered Telemann’s Paris quartets. Blavet declined a position in Frederick the Great’s court, which was eventually accepted by Quantz. He also ventured into composing, creating the first French comic opera, Le Jaloux corrigé, in 1752.

Blavet passed away in Paris in 1768, leaving behind a significant contribution to flute music, particularly in the French and Italian styles. His works were written in easily accessible keys, intended for amateur musicians to enjoy.

He wrote a number of works for flute including 6 Sonatas for 2 Flutes, Op.1, 6 Flute Sonatas, Op.2,  6 Flute Sonatas, Op.3, a Flute Concerto in A minor and a Suite in E major for 2 Flutes.

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