Berio Sequenza I for Solo Flute


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Berio Sequenza I for Solo Flute

Berio Sequenza I for Solo Flute

Dedicated to Gazzelloni
6 mins duration.


Initially published by Suvini-Zerboni, the notation of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I underwent significant revisions over time. The revised version, published by Universal Edition in 1992, represents a notable milestone. Serving as the inaugural composition in a collection of fourteen Sequenze, each designed for a distinct solo instrument or voice, this groundbreaking series spans several decades of Berio’s career, with the final instalment completed in 2002.

Sequenza I by Luciano Berio is a remarkable composition that holds a significant place in contemporary music. This piece, written for solo flute, showcases Berio’s experimental and innovative musical language. Composed in 1958, Sequenza I pushes the boundaries of traditional flute techniques, exploring extended techniques and unconventional sounds. It presents a challenging and virtuosic journey for the flautist, incorporating multiphonics, flutter tonguing, and glissandi. Sequenza I has become an iconic work in the flute repertoire admired for its expressive power and technical demands. It exemplifies Berio’s exploration of new sonic possibilities and his pioneering contributions to the evolution of solo instrumental music.

Luciano Berio

Berio was a highly influential Italian composer known for his innovative and avant-garde approach to music. Born in 1925, Berio’s compositions spanned a wide range of genres, including orchestral, chamber, and vocal works. His groundbreaking compositions often incorporated electronic and experimental elements, pushing the boundaries of traditional musical forms. Berio’s notable works include “Sinfonia,” “Folk Songs,” and “Sequenza” series, which showcased his mastery of orchestration and manipulation of sound. As a leading figure in contemporary music, Berio’s contributions continue to shape the landscape of modern composition. For a more detailed biography of Luciano Berio and his musical legacy, you can visit the official website dedicated to his life and work:

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