Bartok 13 Easy Pieces for Flute and Piano with CD


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Bartok 13 Easy Pieces for Flute and Piano with CD

Bartok 13 Easy Pieces for Flute and Piano with CD

Ideal for beginning flute student
CD includes full performances and piano accompaniment tracks


This album contains arrangements of piano pieces written by Béla Bartók in his youth for piano pupils (Ten Easy Piano Pieces, For Children, The First Term at the Piano). Most of the pieces are arrangements of Hungarian or Slovak folk songs, while the rest are based on the composer’s own melodies.

The pieces appear in order of difficulty and a piano accompaniment/full performance for each piece is provided by on the accompanying CD. Recorded by notable Hungarian musicians, the accompanying CD is designed to help flautists in developing Bartók’s style of music.


  • An Evening in the Village (ten easy piano pieces, no. 5)
  • Folksong (First term at the piano, no. 7)
  • Hungarian folksong (1) (first term at the piano, no. 10)
  • Hungarian folksong (2) (first term at the piano, no. 13)
  • Hungarian folksong (3) (for children, vol. ii, no. 31)
  • Hungarian folksong (4) (for children, vol. ii, no. 32)
  • Peasant dance (first term at the piano, no. 16)
  • Recorder tune (for children, vol. iv, no. 26)
  • Revelry (for children, vol. iii, no. 22)
  • Slovak Folksong (2) (for children, vol. iii, no. 13)
  • Slovak Folksong (1) (for children, vol. iv, no. 28)
  • Slovak peasant dance (ten easy piano pieces, no. 3)
  • Swineherd’s dance (for children, vol.II, no. 40)

Béla Bartók

Bartók, a renowned composer and pianist, made profound contributions to 20th-century music. Hailing from Hungary, Bartók’s compositions embraced diverse styles and genres, including orchestral works, chamber music, and piano solos. His music was characterised by its rich harmonies, rhythmic complexities, and exploration of folk elements.

Bartók’s extensive research in ethnomusicology greatly influenced his compositions, as he incorporated folk melodies and rhythms from Hungarian, Romanian, and other Eastern European traditions.

His iconic works, such as the “Concerto for Orchestra” and the “Mikrokosmos” piano series, showcase his innovative approach to composition. Bartók’s impact on contemporary classical music is immeasurable, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of musicians.

For a more comprehensive overview of Béla Bartók’s life and musical contributions, you can refer to the detailed biography available at Britannica:

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