“During the last three decades of my musical meanderings, I have enjoyed a fruitful and thoroughly professional relationship with the flutey-folks of All Flutes Plus.  Nigel and his staff have a true desire to please and fulfil the needs of all flute players – student and old pro alike.

With a service far beyond the mere retailing of instruments, AFP delivers full after-sales service, repairs, advice and cheerful chat to all who enter. And when the chips are down and the Bb key sticks, Eliana and Sophie, downstairs in the fixit-dungeon, can always help you out.

So, whether it’s your first Yammy or your second glitzy gold Nagahara, AFP is the place to go. And, when you next talk to your friends, the place to have been…

You never know, at AFP you might just run into a grizzled, balding, one-legged, flute-playing old hobbit who has just dropped in to use the loo.”

Ian Anderson  (Jethro Tull)

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