Louis Lot Brevete Pre-Owned Headjoint-C8598


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Louis Lot Brevete Pre-Owned Headjoint-C8598

Louis Lot Brevete Pre-Owned Headjoint-C8598

Condition – Very Good Condition / Sold As Is


Louis Lot (Brevete) Head Joint
Nickel Tubing with more recent Silver Lip-Plate and Riser by Modern Headjoint Maker

Head Joint Testing

Headjoints can radically enhance the sound of most flutes. With a vast array of headpieces made by several respected flute makers worldwide, each one differs by its embouchure cut, lip plate and material. Each headjoint offers different qualities including wide-ranging tonal colours, projection, more/less resistance and ease of articulation. Headjoint choices are entirely subjective! Please note that whilst these head joints are for sale, we advise you to try them before you buy!

Head joints come in lots of shapes and sizes. It is therefore recommended that you try the headjoint either in our testing room at All Flutes Plus or by pre-arranged trial within the comfort of your own home.

Louis Lot

Louis Lot (1807-96) gained prominence as the designated flute supplier to the Paris Conservatoire after Louis Dorus became its flute professor in 1860. This association led to Lot’s name becoming synonymous with the iconic silver cylindrical Boehm flute, widely adopted by French Flute School musicians for a century.

Collaborating with Vincent Hypolite Godfroy, Lot pioneered the French commercial version of Boehm’s ring-key flute in 1837. A decade later, they secured rights to produce Boehm’s cylinder flute of 1847 in France. Besides Boehm’s Munich workshop, only London’s Rudall & Rose (later Rudall, Carte & Co.) was authorized. Alfred G. Badger of New York, known for crafting ring-key flutes since 1844, started making unlicensed cylinder flutes after 1847 due to a lack of US patent.

In 1867, Lot unveiled a new design at the Paris exposition featuring a thicker tube, larger toneholes, and a substantial square embouchure. This redesign included a sturdier mechanism with a modern ‘independent’ closed G# key, replacing the former Dorus G#.

Charles Molé introduced the first silver B-foot Louis Lot flute (No. 4358, 1887) to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1887, initiating a trend among French Conservatoire graduates favoring Lot flutes. This influence led George Winfield Haynes (1866-1947) and William Sherman Haynes (1864-1939) to establish a flute workshop in Boston, mimicking Lot flutes used by Boston professionals and Boehm & Mendler designs. The Haynes company established the silver Lot-pattern flute as the standard for professionals, followed by manufacturers like Verne Q. Powell and Elkhart, Indiana-based bands in the early 20th century.


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