Lejeune Blackwood Flute In D-c8955



Lejeune Blackwood Flute In D is a beautifully crafted traditional flute by Geert Lejeune.

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Lejeune Blackwood Flute In D-c8955

Lejeune Blackwood Flute In D-c8955

The Lejeune Blackwood Flute In D is a beautifully crafted traditional flute by Geert Lejeune.

The Pratten model has the typical large bore and holes that are found on the original Pratten. This model produces the most powerful sound of the three different models and is an advantage if you play unplugged with other (louder) instruments or sessions in louder venues (i.e noisy pubs)

In order to create the volume of sound, this model requires more air and a good embouchure to ‘fill’ the instrument.


  • Key – D
  • Material – Blackwood
  • Weight: 1000g

A wooden flute does not need a lot of maintenance. A few golden rules and some care will normally guarantee you years of pleasure. In this section, first general maintenance rules are explained, followed by a list of some common problems.

How to avoid cracks
Keep your flute dry, but not too dry. When wood adsorbs moisture, it swells, and when it dries, it shrinks. This well known fact is at the heart of quite some problems. There are two ways in which cracks generally develop. The first is that the instrument is not taken apart and dried after it has been played. Water can then build up in the cavity in the barrel. The tenon of the flute body will swell, notably on a place where the wood of the barrel is rather thin. A crack will be the result. 
Secondly, when a flute is played regularly, but is kept in a very dry room, the outer part of the wood will dry out and will start shrinking. The inner part stays humid because the instrument is played regularly. The wood will have no choice but to develop surface cracks.

Golden rules
1. Take the instrument apart, especially head and body, and dry it after playing
2. Oil the instrument regularly, this limits water absorption
3. Keep your instrument in a room with an air humidity of at least 50%.
4. Do not close the tuning slide completely when you put the instrument away

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