Between the Beats-Strengthening rhythmic relationships for melodic instruments-Nilsson



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Between the Beats-Strengthening rhythmic relationships for melodic instruments-Nilsson

Between the Beats-Strengthening rhythmic relationships for melodic instruments-Nilsson

Between The Beats is a method developed to grow our relationship to the rhythm as melodic instruments. The masterclass form is designed to provide participants with tools to improve their internal sense of rhythm. Spending concerted time working on rhythm will improve participants spatial awareness within the music and make them sound more confident in any style. Being able to play beautifully long and flowing melodies with rhythmic precision and depth will elevate the players sound, and make it easier for them to play with others.

Participants will be given exercises to strengthen their comfort working with a metronome, address common rhythmic mistakes (both on the micro-level of subdivisions, and the macro-level of the infrequently clicking “big” metronome to recognize fluctuations in time on a large scale), address time feel in relation to rhythmic depth and groove, discuss rhythmic displacement, learn how to practice feeling equally comfortable on every part of every beat, and address playing in odd time signatures.

A handout of all the exercises and a list of suggested reading will be provided to encourage each participant to continue expanding their rhythmic senses after the class. This class is adjustable to the needs of the participants and can be equally effective for both classically trained and jazz musicians at any level.

Between the beats has been shared with the flute studio at West Virginia University in February 2019, The National Flute Convention in Orlando in August 2018, at Weissman Music and the New York Flute Fair in New York 2016 and 2019, Front Session and Aarhus Klavierakademi in Aarhus, Denmark 2016 and 2017, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg, Sweden 2017 and The Vibe in London, UK 2017.

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