Phillip, Hammig

Hammig piccolos are a popular choice for professional musicians across the world due to their superior design and craftsmanship. Ideal for orchestral and solo work, these piccolos have a full, centered sound, a wide tonal palette and an easy response, especially in the third octave.

Established in 1780 (Markneukirchen-Germany), the art of instrument making has remained in the Hammig family for nearly 230 years, passing through eight generations to date. From 1906-1920, Phillip Hammig trained under the guidance of his father’s workshop, learning the art of specialised flute making and finely honing his instrument making skills. On his return to the family business in Markneukirchen, he began to build upon his highly developed skills in instrument making, building a highly respected name for himself.

In 1959, the Hammig family business passed to Phillip’s son ‘Gerhard Hammig’ who further developed the designs of the 'Phillip Hammig' piccolo.