Established in Boston in 1888 by brothers George and William Haynes (both master silversmiths), Haynes Flutes are renowned for their light and fluid mechanism and beautiful soaring tone quality. Historically, Haynes Flutes have been integral to some of the flute world's most exciting moments: Jean-Pierre Rampal commissioned four flutes of various special metals (a rarity of the time) from the company, and the revolutionary work Density 21.5 was written expressly for the unveiling of the world's first platinum flute, commissioned by Georges Barrere and made by Haynes. With a reputation as steeped in history and as well-respected as Haynes', it is easy to understand why it is the choice for so many professionals today.

Haynes combine traditional and modern craftsmanship to create instruments of beauty and pure artistry with warm, powerful timbres and flexibility of tone and dynamic control.