Eva Kingma

Established in the 1950's, Dirk Kuiper (the then second flautist in the Concertgebouw Orchestra) formed the Kingma Company to meet the supply and demmand for new flutes as there was a shortage post the second world war. In 1975, Eva Kingma joined forces with Dirk Kuiper and in 1981, Eva took sole charge of the business.
Eva Kingma produces outstanding and innovative flutes, specialising in the 'lower' sounding flute range including alto, bass, contrabass and sub contrabass. Eva Kingma has produced an array of flutes including a range of open hole and quarter tone alto, bass and contra bass flutes including the patented 'Kingma System' and 'Key on key mechanism'. The highly successful and popular Kingma System® has now been incorporated in flutes by Brannen Brothers Flute makers (the Bickford brannen quarter tone C Flute) and Sankyo Flutes.